My husband Michael invented the roller and he is a professionell tool maker.

About me:

It is true: I was a very busy self-employed business woman since I can think and had nothing to do with carfting ;)

After 20 years as a advertising salesmanager for an American newspaper of the Armed Forces, located in Heidelberg, I continued my job as a part-time job in K-Town, until I retired in 2019.

One of my tasks was to help the customers to come up with a quick desicions with a print ready design of an advertisement. This was the thime, that I realized that I liked to deal with colors and shapes.



My dad taught me how to handle tools. My mother was very practical and taught me not to throw away.

I put this practical knowledge into my life. In fact, I did not become creative in the sense of hobby until I knew the newspaper will be not longer on the market.

A huge pile of newspapers was sitting in the basement. What to do with it? I started with a 'Nana' sculptures made of  wire and newspaper sheets. Then I discovered weaving with newspapers. My loved ones and friends were presented with braided Christmas trees, then ornaments of newspaper hung on the Christmas tree and finally I found paper beads in the Internet

The first results of thin, rather rod-like beads brought me to despair. Then I tried to glue several strips together because I hoped for thicker beads. What an effort! My ingenuity was awakened!

A tool could be the solution.


What a happy coincidence that my husband is a toolmaker. He surprised me with the first paper bead roller in 2012.

The paper bead  roller was born and many other helpful tools should follow. Since then we are a team and complement each other magnificently. What I initially just tried out of curiosity, developed into a small success story. I am particularly proud of the utility model protection, which certifies and guarantees the uniqueness and peculiarity of our tools.


Sustainability is important to me! The tools are made of wooden handle and a sloted metal pin. For paper beads, newspapers, brochures, magazines, catalogs, calendars can be used. This protects the environment and to describe it with on word: that's upcycling!

It is important to me that one understands and accepts that a paper bead can't demand the properties of metal or glass. And I wonder how beautiful some pieces of jewelery are after years.


I forget the time, when I sitting in my little crafting room, rolling paper beads and listen to inspiring music. 

I have found my hobby and the posivtiv comments of my customers  motivates me.

When are you going to leave? Age is no excuse, because - better late than never!



I am happy to make your life more colorful and creative.



Happy Rolling 

Anita Köhler

Michael macht Roller


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